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  1. How does the game live gold ingot settle?

    Is as long as the anchor obtains the income of Jin ingot and meets the following conditions, you can exchange the commission of Jin ingot:
    ① The current identity is YY game live certification anchor.
    ② Golden ingot revenue of the day exceeded 1,000.
    Mo -settings to meet the above conditions. Users who get the number of gold ingot daily will be less than 1,000. The system will be exchanged for gold beans by 2: 1.

    Depending on the same income, the proportion of Jin ingot exchange is also different. In seconds, the game live items obtained during the period, according to the “activity ratio” in the following table, settle in Blog.huya/Policy/117):
    Signed the anchor Jin Yuanbao Daily Exchange Formula: Nissan ingots*anchor exchange commissions for the anchor exchange commissions Ratio*(100%-guild drawing ratio)
    Note: Non-sign-in anchor Jin ingot Ri Rido = Nikko ingots number*anchor exchange commission ratio*100%
    The 5th commission (the anchor of the YY game certification) is converted, and the settlement ratio is 1,000 gold ingot exchanges for 1 commission. That is, anchor commissions = the sum of the daily exchanges of the anchor Jin Yuanbao*0.001
    Another: The formula of the anchor obtained the Golden ingot is
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