What gifts are good for the New Year in Japan

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  • 1. Choose crafts with national characteristics such as: kite, Erhu, flute, paper -cutting, chopsticks, stamps, Facebook, calligraphy and painting, tea. As a gift to give the Japanese, they will be surprised .4. Painting or picture photo precautions: 1. The gift is not heavy but appropriate, and sometimes it is too valuable to give the gifts. Choose properly, the four treasures, celebrities and paintings, crafts, and other are the most popular in China, but the size of the calligraphy and painting should not be too large. 3. The packaging of gifts should not be hasty, even a box of tea should be carefully taken care of, but the Japanese taboo to put the bow. 4. The Chinese pay attention to sending smoke and alcohol, but the Japanese send alcohol without smoke. 5. The Chinese people give gifts to double, and the Japanese are strange to avoid even. Usually, 1, 3, 5, 7 and other odd numbers, but taboo "9", because the pronunciation of "9" in Japanese "same. According to Japanese customs, gifts to individuals must be carried out in private and should not be delivered in public.

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