Jiuyin Zhenjing Binding Gold Get Raiders

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  • Jiuyin Zhenjing Gold, this game has been loved by players since its launch, so do you want to know the latest strategy and news information of Jiuyin Zhenjing Gold? I hope you can have a deeper understanding of the game after understanding.
    Is Jiuyin Zhenjing mobile game gold is a very important currency. It is generally divided into two types, binding gold and gold; then what is the difference between these two golds? How to get binding gold? Get up and see.

    The binding gold is set up to prevent a large number of studios from swipe gold and destroy the balance of the game. It can be replaced with official silver. Compared with gold, the limitation of binding gold is very large.
    So how do you get gold in the game? In the game, gold is mainly obtained through the player's recharge.
    So how do you get binding gold?
    1. Download gift binding gold, download the client after downloading the client can receive 300 binding gold, this is a time limit, so players must receive as soon as possible as soon as possible, so players must receive as soon as possible Essence
    2. Login to get rewards. You can get award 3 days before the novice login. These rewards include binding gold.
    3. Sign -in system, you can get binding gold every seven days on the sign -in system, and the number increases with the number of sign -in times.
    4. Level gift packages. When the player reaches a certain level, not only can you get level items rewards, but also binding gold.
    5. Open gift package, this is 7 days, you can receive the open gift package here, there are gold binding gold.
    6. Online gift packages, when players have online time for more than 120 minutes, they can get binding gold.
    7. Mainline tasks, do some main tasks to get binding ingots.

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