1 thought on “Is there a seal of the Dai ring?”

  1. It is normal to have a seal with a ring. If you feel very uncomfortable when you wear a ring, it is small, so when you buy a ring, do not buy the just right size and try to have excess space activities. In this way There is also room for play. So, do you still look back with the seal? Let's take a look together!
    is the seal of the wearing ring?
    It to depending on the situation, if the ring is too small, it must be abnormal. Yes, you need to change. If you wear a ring for a long time, you will also appear on your fingers, which is normal.
    Is when the weather is hot, wearing a ring may also have a trace. However, this is not a problem with the ring, but the problem of the hot finger of the sky.
    ? Is there a seal of the wearing ring?
    The ring should not be worn for a long time, nor should it be too tight! If you take it for a period of time (about ten days), the rings on your hand can disappear.
    It can reach the sun when the sun is vicious in the summer. When the sun is tanned, wrap it elsewhere, use the band -aid, and leave the place where the ring of the ring is left.
    MST do not want to wear rings after marriage
    1. Wearing a diamond ring is easy to scratch the skin. Diamonds are very hard and painful.
    2. It is very inconvenient to wear a diamond ring to do housework. On the one hand, worrying that the diamond ring will be damaged and stained with dust, dust or heavy objects, and it is difficult to clean (after all, this is a wedding ring, I always want it to be perfect forever). The use of a diamond ring is always troublesome and affects work efficiency.
    3. Sometimes in some cases, you need to remove the ring and put it on after the work is completed, which is easy to lose;
    4. Always use hand cream in winter. Because of fear of losing the ring, it is inevitable that you must remove the ring and put on the ring.
    5. Wearing a big diamond ring inevitable will cause doubt, that is, you deliberately show off your wealth. It is more likely to attract the attention of thieves. Be careful when walking on the road. Although the diamond ring is small, it is not large. There is not much satisfaction with work;
    6. When bringing children, diamond ring can easily hurt children;
    7. The most important thing is that if you always wear a diamond ring, it is easy to get dirty, and the luster will gradually disappear. Essence However, when you really encounter a charming occasion that you need to wear a diamond ring, unless you prepare a larger ring at home, it will not come in handy. Diamond rings can be used at critical moments.

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