Is Chinese jewelry selling well in Vietnam? I am a wholesaler, who wants to wholesale goods to Vietnam.

5 thoughts on “Is Chinese jewelry selling well in Vietnam? I am a wholesaler, who wants to wholesale goods to Vietnam.”

  1. The price can depend on whether you can sell it, because the Vietnamese people are different from the Chinese people. If it is clothes, you better see the Vietnamese style clothes Vietnamese can buy it in China and buy it. You can sell the Chinese themselves. It’s hard to sell it to Vietnam to sell it to Vietnam

  2. Vietnam itself is a clothing processing base, which is almost replaced by China. If your clothing is very low -end, it is recommended not to sell it. It is estimated that there is no competitiveness, but if it is a mid -to -high -end, there is no problem.
    This is not fashionable. Don’t be too outdated. If you dress, young people over there are very fashionable. You must not be too much when you have clothes, otherwise no one can buy it.
    This should be very potential. The jewelry over there is ugly, and Chinese jewelry is very popular.
    It, it is recommended that you get something to ask in Vietnam first. If you really plan to do the Vietnamese market, you can check it. It is recommended that you see the Vietnamese business inspection of Vietnam’s China Commodity Network. It is very cheap. After that, it is only 1380 yuan. I live in a four -star hotel. I also eat super good. I do n’t need to pay a penny more. Anyway Essence
    or buying a 1 -square -meter showcase that they are in the Vietnam International Trade City. The business city is in the seminars international convention and exhibition center in Hanoi, Vietnam, and people will translate your products into Vietnamese texts and put them in the text of Vietnam. On the Yuewen website, the website is promoted, and that website is very famous in Vietnam, but it is to pay the service fee through the reception of large orders. If you want to be painful, you will be willing to give the service fee and find it yourself

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