Because I do n’t look good at first, and I do n’t like to talk, my colleagues have bias to me. I can only run public affairs every day, and I rarely speak.

    Because I do n’t look good at first, and I do n’t like to talk, my colleagues have bias to me. I can only run public affairs every day. ,Ugh

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  • "Seven Grandpa 1, Black Lifeline Come to Knock on the door". Isn't this young girl in front of her legendary primary three? "Actually, my most angry is Ms. Liang. I came to insult Song Yu again and again, disturbing her, whether it was verbally warned or directly to Donghua, it seemed that she could not let her settle down. Madness is like abnormal. "Qi Chengzhi accidentally walked to Yu Zidong." Speaking of which Mrs. Zun is reasonable, Yu President Yu will not be like this now. To this day, I still have to leave my self -esteem and my face for forgiveness. In fact, why is this? I know today, why bother? " It was just looking at Yu Zidong. Yu Zidong's expression suddenly changed, and after understanding Qi Chengzhi's hint, his face suddenly flushed. "You--" Yu Zidong didn't mention it in a breath, and he was angry. Qi Chengzhi is dissatisfied with Liang Lihua and let him divorce Liang Lihua! With Liang Lihua, the two chose one! He didn't expect Qi Chengzhi to do so well, and he would not retreat at all! For so many years of hard work to the point of today, he did not want to give up anyway. But Liang Lihua was his hair -based wife. No matter what her character, at least the two of them had a temper to deal with it together, and the daughter of the two was so big. Now let him divorce Liang Lihua? He was really unwilling. He also had a wife who had lived with him for nearly thirty years. Moreover, if this incident was passed out, it said that he didn't even want his wife, and couldn't hear it? Qi Chengzhi would not wait for Yu Zidong's answer here, and said seriously: "President Yu considers itself, Dongge, and send guests." After that, Qi Chengzhi left the guest room. Yu Zidong bit his teeth tightly, looking at Cheng Dongge as if he was watching Qi Chengzhi. As a powerful assistant of Qi Chengzhi, Yu Zidong also hated the house and Wu, and hated the teeth of Chengdong Pavilion. "No need to send it." Yu Zidong said coldly, scarlet and his face came out of Qi. He went to a black Mercedes -Benz on the side of the road, sitting on the back seat, and asked the assistant to drive in front: "How is it?" "More and more people go to trouble, most of them are small customers. However, because of the large number of people, the impact was greatly affected, and several other big customers also made the ultimatum and gave us the last period. "The assistant said. Yu Zidong closed his eyes, his body was excited, and he took a deep breath. ... ... On Saturday, Qi Chengzhi was going to work overtime, and Song Yu returned to his parents' house. She had the key at home, opened the door with the key. As soon as she entered, she saw Yu Qianying carrying her bag, neatly dressed, and urged Song Donglin to urge Song Donglin. Mom, where are you going? "Song Yu stunned Qianlong, the capital of ancient inheritance. "Huh? Why did you come back suddenly?" Yu Qianying put the bag randomly on the table, and took off his jacket. "Mom, don't rush to take off your jacket first, you have to go out?" Song Yu stopped her. "Isn't it a mall to engage in activities today? It is a member day. Everything is very discounted. It happens that I want to wear a thin shirt at this time, so I want to see it." Yu Qianying said, "Since you are back, I will No. By the way, why are you back alone, how about it? "" He went today, I have nothing to do at home, so I came here. "Song Yu said, holding up Yu Qianying's bag on the dining table "Anyway, there is nothing anyway. Let me go with you. I have never visited the mall for a long time." Song Donglin walked out of the outer cover and said very happy to say, "Then you go with your mother. Let ’s really like to visit the mall, especially now on activities, there are a lot of people, I think I have a headache." "I know, you really don't want to go with me." Yu Qianying was angry Say, "Yes, you are at home, you are bothering you, you are still at ease." She held Song Yu's wrist, "Let's go." Song Yu laughed and said to Song Dong again. Goodbye, I went to the mall with Yu Qianying. ... ... When this shopping mall is engaged in activities, because of the large number of activities and great discounts, there are many people at each time. In addition, today is the weekend, and it is even more crowded. In addition to cosmetics, jewelry, jewelry, and shoe bags on the first floor, there are also open spaces as exhibitions. Each brand in the mall has a batch of goods at low prices here. Yu Qianying originally wanted to see if she could find any cheap clothes, and was dragged away by Song Yu. "Mom, since it is here, there are a few good ones. Don't forget that you have just given me a dowry. I am a rich man now." Song Yu said, dragging Yu Qianying on the third floor on the third floor , Floor, a high -end women's clothing. "Mom, do you think of this one?" Song Yu took out a long knit cardigan and took out a thin trench coat. "There are this one, if it is good." Yu Qianying was looking at These two clothes suddenly heard the familiar voice: "Xiaolin, what do you think?" There is a temperament. "" Yeah! "The clerk also helped." There are only two pieces of our clothes in each of our clothes, so you don't have to worry about hitting his shirt, because you are so small. And your temperament is particularly good. Even if you really wear the same as you, you will definitely not wear this effect. "" Madam, you must have a big business at home? The wife of rich people is not a general rich, and it is definitely the kind that can be scheduled in the Forbes list. Otherwise, there is no graceful and luxurious temperament. I guess, your husband's family is a giant, you are a giant. Are you from Shuxiangmen, right? "The clerk patted the horse enthusiastically next to him. Yu Qianying also heard it, and the voice was Jian Yi's mother Zhou Mingyan. She shook her head and smiled, whispered to Song Yu, "It is not easy for this clerk to make some commission. Zhou Mingyan graduated from junior high school and could be boasted into Shuxiangmen. It was really difficult for her." Song Yu Also looking at it, I heard Zhou Mingyan call Xiaolin just now, and the female voice who spoke to Zhou Mingyan just now sounds like Guan Xiaolin. Yu Qianying also saw it, and a "snoring" beside him, "Isn't that Guan Xiaolin? How could she be so pleased with Zhou Mingyan?" Song Yu did not say a word, observing the hanger standing outside the test room outside , Facing the two gods on the door of the fitting room door. I heard the clerk again, "This is your daughter! Your daughter is so big, but you can't see that you are such a big daughter." Zhou Mingyan laughed more joyfully, but he was strong, but he was strong, but he was strong, but he was strong. , Smile "Hehehehe" who couldn't hold his mouth. "You really speak, but she is not my daughter." Zhou Mingyan said. "No? Is that your daughter -in -law? Yo, there is such a beautiful daughter -in -law, it’ s really blessed. And so filial, you still accompany you shopping! Now the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is mostly nervous, which is not common like you. "The clerk also said that the exaggerated tone became more and more exaggerated. Zhou Mingyan just laughed, did not admit it, but did not deny it. Yu Qianying frowned beside him, whispered: "Isn't Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin? I see Jian Yi's character is not very good. At the beginning, there were girlfriends, and I still concealed you from you.清的。难道他娶了齐承悦,还能积习难改的又在外头勾三搭四?要不然的话,关晓琳又怎么会对周明燕那么讨好?” 宋羽表情凝重了起来,俞倩英不知道,她It was really crooked. Jian Yi and Guan Xiaolin did have such a long time when they were in college, and they also concealed Song Yu. If it weren't for Song Yu at the beginning, she heard the conversation between Guan Xiaolin and Jian Yi, I am afraid she would still be covered in the drum now. It's just that, Song Yu has never told Yu Qianying. Like Yu Qianying, Song Yu also doubted whether Guan Xiaolin had something to do with Jian Yi, or his old love was reunited, otherwise Guan Xiaolin would be so desperate to please Zhou Mingyan, just like his future mother -in -law. Although she didn't like Qi Chengyue, she also felt that she was a poor woman. She blindly fell in love with a man like Jian Yi and couldn't extricate herself. For Jian Yi, Qi Chengyue is a marriage. He can ignore the opinion of the portal and not care about the disparity of the two backgrounds. Even the mother -in -law like Zhou Mingyan, even if Qi Chengyue is renewed, there is even more disadvantages to make her respect. A woman who compromises so for love is not a bad person in her bones. Moreover, now Qi Chengyue seems to be a lot of hostility to her. Although she still does not speak in the old house, she will not be so targeting her. And leaving these, Qi Chengyue is Qi Chengzhi's sister and Qi Chenglin's sister. She still likes Qi Chenglin. After marrying the Qi family, she was also willing to treat Qi Chengyue as a family, and did not want to see her being deceived. When I was thinking, a clerk came over and said politely, "Which one likes these two clothes, you can try it." Song Yu smiled and hung up the two clothes back, saying, "Mom, we want we want Don't look at it? "She missed her head in Zhou Mingyan. "Go, see." Yu Qianying said happily. She is also an abominable temper, and the most annoying person is the person who destroys other people's families. After marrying Song Donglin at the beginning, Song Donglin also grew up in the meantime when he was young, otherwise he would not have such a beautiful daughter like Song Yu. Coupled with the richness, the personality of the person, it is very attractive to a woman. There are many women who really like him or the money of his money. Song Donglin had never done something to be sorry for Yu Qianying, and he didn't even give those women's opportunities. He was cleaned up, but he would not be able to recruit people. The worst adventure of the worst cat of a woman who deliberately destroys the happy family of others. The two walked over, and Zhou Mingyan and Guan Xiaolin did not see them, and Yu Qianying put a smiley face and called: "Sister Zhou, so coincidentally, come to clothes?" Yu Qianying and Song Yu were from Zhou Mingyan. After walking behind, it happened to appear in the mirror, but Zhou Mingyan was suddenly surprised by Yu Qianying. He didn't pay attention to watching the mirror at all. The first reaction was to quickly turn around. When he saw Song Yuying still following Song Yu, Zhou Mingyan's face flashed obvious panic, his hands were at a loss, and then he immediately covered it. She smiled out, "Oh, Qian Ying, Song Yu, so coincidentally, come to clothes?" "Auntie." Song Yu called. "Yeah, come over a few body clothes. I just watched there just now. When I heard your voice, I found that you are also there." Yu Qianying turned his head to look at it, "Xiaolin, really coincident!" Guan Xiaolin from the sofa Stand up, "Auntie, Song Yu." "Sister Zhou, why are you coming with Xiaolin? Today, why don't you call your daughter -in -law together?" Yu Qianying was surprised and surprised again and again Curious look. Before, Zhou Mingyan and Guan Xiaolin had an exaggerated clerk. After listening to Yu Qianying's words, their eyes suddenly supported. Although they said nothing, they looked at their colleagues in surprise and exchanged each other. She thought Zhou Mingyan and Guan Xiaolin were mother -in -law. Even if she was not a prospective mother -in -law, when she asked, Guan Xiaolin did not deny it, and Zhou Mingyan was also a default ambiguity although she did not explicitly acknowledge it. But who knows that the real daughter -in -law has another person! Isn't the young girl in front of the legendary junior? Intersection The clerk did not dare to show the business, but he really despised Guan Xiaolin in his heart. And this Zhou Mingyan is also a wonderful work, and even defaults to Primary Three. How poor is the daughter -in -law who has not appeared! "Uh ..." Zhou Mingyan smiled embarrassedly. "Cheng Yue was busy at work and finally had a weekend. Let her take a good rest and enjoy the weekend with Jian Yi. My wife shopping, how boring. "" I actually came out to go shopping alone today. This is also a coincidence. I met Xiaolin. Xiaolin saw me alone and walked with me. Be a staff member. "Zhou Mingyan said, and his expression naturally became. "Oh, this is the case." Yu Qianying nodded. "Just now, Song Yu and I picked clothes over there, heard your voice, and looked like you came out. Like my mother -in -law. "" Hehehehe, you really jokes. "Zhou Mingyan smiled insufficiently, and wanted to turn this topic quickly, and then looked at Song Yu," Song Yu, I heard that you and Qi Cheng have received a certificate. Congratulations! "" Thank you, Cheng Yue and I will be a family in the future. "Song Yu smiled quietly and nodded slightly." In this way, the relationship between the two of us is closer. "Zhou Mingyan's expression was stiff. After a moment, I "huh" twice, "I go to your house to play, and then talk about it. I will go first, Lao Jian is waiting for me to go back to cook for him! I ca n’t go down myself, do n’t want me to go back to serve him. You go shopping first, let ’s talk about it all day.”

  • Let yourself be happy, let everyone feel your happiness, be infected with your infection, just treat others and be kind. It is not difficult to be cheerful. It is not difficult. Life is already beautiful. The first step is brave!

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