Fonland 120W Laser Power Supply Source MYJG-120W 110/220V for Co2 reci Yongli Laser Tube Cutting Machine Source Fast Shipping


SKU: 1005005581159435
  • Model Number: MYJG 120W
  • Brand Name: FONLAND
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand Name: Fonland
  • Application: For Co2 Laser Machine

Fonland 120W Laser Power Supply Source MYJG-120W 110/220V No Display Screen for Co2 Laser Tube Cutting Machine Source


    Zero-current half-bridge soft-switching circuit. High effciency and fast response.Match various manufacturers of laser tubes.

    Simple Port Control,TTL level signals can control the laser start/stop.

    Protection switch is to check the outside water,ventilation, etc.

    Laser Power Adjustment: input 0V to 5V analog signal, can also input PWM signal.

    Open Circuit Protection Function: avoid the damage to laser power supply due to laser tube burst.

    Factory Aging Test:

1. Each power supply will go through 60°C and 12 hours aging test under full load.

2.500 times 7 seconds Start / Stop test.


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