3 thoughts on “Want to be a questionnaire about the elderly. What small gifts are good for the elderly?”

  1. I feel that I want to be a survey of the elderly. Questioning. Hmm questionnaire. I think sometimes I think I will be troublesome in the investigation process. The old people of the skewers are very liked and when it's okay, you can make this kind of ball -beaded small bracelet that allows the elderly to get effective activities. Can you make this small handle to make your hands and feet exercise? I feel that this gift is not particularly valuable, and it represents his own mind and the elderly are like a child. You give him something. He feels particularly happy and will be particularly happy and will cooperate with your investigation. So I think I think I think To do these things for the elderly, as young people, they will feel a lot of comfort in their hearts. After all, I will trouble the elderly to make him cooperate with your work. The compensation should also be

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