3 thoughts on “Alibaba small jewelry wholesale, which shops are better?”

  1. Through Baidu search for "accessories wholesale", it jumped out a lot of related businesses or information with "accessories wholesale". So, how do we distinguish and which are real accessories wholesale merchants? Here we have to talk about who is engaged in accessories wholesale. 1. Jewelry manufacturers: Generally, there are very few real manufacturers to open a wholesale network online, because their products are generally opened directly in the wholesale market, or they are proxy for others wholesale stalls. Even so, its products are very single, for example, it only produces earrings. A manufacturer cannot produce everything; the most important point is that the demander of the accessories online is not large. Therefore, the real jewelry manufacturer will not deal with you. If you do business, it means that this is not a factory; so if we have a small amount of goods but want to find the factory directly, this idea is unrealistic. However, it can't be said that it is absolutely absolute. Like Alibaba, many manufacturers still do not limit the number of batches, depending on your luck or persuasion. 2. Jewelry wholesaler: Generally, most of the wholesale stalls in the wholesale market are mostly commodities operating wholesale nature, and few manufacturers set their own stalls; and those who are engaged in jewelry wholesale online are part of this type of business. Their goods are mainly obtained through the manufacturers, that is, the so -called "agent", such as the "Guangzhou Jewelry Wholesale Network" in Guangzhou, which is such a business nature. Generally speaking, we mainly deal with these people; of course, not every wholesaler will have the energy and ability to open a "accessories wholesale network" and engage in a jewelry wholesale network. The technology and energy invested are far too much to open an wholesale stall. 3. Online store operator: Open a store on Taobao, and then find a "accessories wholesale network" to seek agents, that is, "one generation", and then write "accessories wholesale" "".

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