wholesale silver turquoise jewelry The advantage of Hainan held a meeting

wholesale silver turquoise jewelry What are the advantages of holding meetings in Hainan

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  1. cmg wholesale jewelry I. Environmental climate advantages:
    The is the only tropical island in China with beautiful ecological environment. The forest coverage on the island reaches 54.5%. The results of the World Environmental Organization in 156 cities around the world show that Sanya and Haikou ranked second and fifth in the world are one of the best cities in the world. Hainan Island is a tropical monsoon marine climate. The basic characteristics are: the four seasons are not clear, the summer is not cool, the winter is not severe, the temperature is small, the annual differences are small, the winter and spring are dry, the average annual temperature is 22.5-25.60c, the annual sunshine time is 1780-2600 hours; Rich water resources, mild and humid in September and October, pleasant climate, temperature 22 ° C -28 ° C; Hainan's ocean is not polluted, transparent, colorful, and silver beaches. Elements: sunlight, beach, seawater, green, air. "SARS" and "bird flu" have not occurred in the area, which will help the unique geographical environment and superior ecological environment. Hainan has attracted the attention of the world with its unique charm.

    . Policy advantage:
    The Hainan Provincial Government has always built Hainan into an important guidelines for work as an important guidance of "Ecological Island", "Healthy Island", "Safety Island" and "Four Seasons Garden", and also put it In tourism, industries such as "living", "food", "tourism", "entertainment", and "purchasing" are deemed to be constructed as pillar industries, and advocate integration with international standards. Therefore, the government has formulated many policies and regulations that benefit the quality of the meeting.

    . The advantages of flight routes:
    International routes: Hainan has opened the pilot work of international aviation rights for two years, the "sky advantage" is highlighted, and domestic and foreign airlines have opened 13 new to Hainan to Hainan International routes. There are intercontinental flights in Haikou -Beijing -Budapest; regular charter flights in Haikou -Osaka and Haikou to and from Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Fukuoka, Busan, and Sanya to Busan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Habarovsk Vladivostok and other tourist charters. Other countries and regions can also fly through Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau to Haikou and Sanya; and Hainan Province is the only province that China takes the lead in the implementation of visa -free, providing great convenience for foreign customers to enter Hainan. Domestic routes: The provincial capitals of the country (except Lhasa) have direct flights to Haikou. With the improvement of the popularity, Sanya has now opened and restored multiple routes, including Sanya -Yinchuan, Sanya -Xi'an, Sanya -Wuhan, Sanya -Tianjin, Sanya -Kunming, etc. At the same time, the Sanya to Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu , Flights in Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places. Various airlines have also increased the tourist charter machines in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Harbin, etc., providing convenience for guests who directly enter and exit Sanya. Hainan has been rated as the top ten aviation ports in China for several years. Although Hainan is far from the space of all provinces, due to the large number of flights, the discounts of air tickets are also better.
    . The advantages of hotels and its supporting facilities:
    The five or five -star hotels that are suitable for receiving mid -to -high -end meetings in Hainan, of which the number of five -star hotels is second only to Beijing and Guangzhou. Sanya five -star hotels have as many as fifteen, and there are ten international -level five -star resort hotels in Yalong Bay alone. Because these hotels have only been built in recent years, whether it is occupied, or supporting facilities and the environment are rare in the country. In addition, the management companies of international hotel management companies such as Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Sofitt, Loton, Holiday, Crown, Kaipipinsky and other international hotel management companies are also guaranteed. Hainan's five-star hotels have the most modern conference facilities: various conference rooms with suitable large (800-1000 people), medium (100-300 people), and small (20-60 people) are equipped with the same Advanced equipment and facilities such as sound interpretation, visual conference, computer projection, high -end audio, advanced lighting system.

    . There are rich tourist resources in Hainan:
    1. Ecological drift tourism: such as Wanquan River rafting, Wuzhishan Canyon drift.
    . The South China Sea Diving Tour: Such as the East China Sea, West Island, and Wuzhizhou Island of the diving base.
    3. Tropical rain forest tour: Tropical Rainforest Valley Shoufeng Ridge, Wuzhishan Tropical Rainforest Area.
    4. Cruise Tour: Lixing Cruise (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Pacific Cruise Corporation, has opened Hong Kong/Sanya/Haikou/Vietnamese route; Sanya also has 300
    -400 cruise ships, can Night Tour Bay (including dinner).
    5. Hot spring vacation tour: such as Xinglong Hot Spring Resort, Nantian Hot Spring Resort, Qixianling Hot Spring Tourist Resort, Guantang Pharmaceutical Hot Spring, Boao Hot Spring, Tianyuan Fish
    Treatment of Hot Spring.
    6. Golf Club: There are twelve
    to choose from the twelve
    of the Golf Club of the Boao Forum forum, Haikou MeiTi Golf Club.
    7. Island self -driving: There are various models to choose from.
    8. Special shopping tour: Buy Hainan Specialty Pearl, Crystal, Budingcha, etc.
    9. Ecological landscape tour: such as Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden, large and small cave sky, Nanwan Monkey Island, Qixianling.
    10. Tropical agricultural tourism tour: Hainan farmhouse, fisherman music, tropical botanical garden.
    The rich tourism resources can meet the needs of the conference organizers, which is also difficult for other cities in China to provide.

    6. Special recommended event conference area:
    The successful holding of the Boao Asian Economic Forum marks that there are international first -class conference facilities on Hainan Island. It has developed from a simple small fishing village to enjoy a large -scale conference event area internationally. The demonstration effect of the forum is open with the third, fourth, and fifth flights, which has increased the attraction of Hainan's international conference. Every year, many government, international institutions, annual meetings of multinational companies, and domestic enterprises and institutions choose to hold various meetings and activities in Hainan.连续三年举办世界小姐总决赛;连续五年举行新丝路模特大赛总决赛;还有世界著名的英特尔、三星、IBM、索尼爱立信、惠普、英国BP石油公司、花旗银行、柯达、友邦保险、中石化、 Founder, Lenovo, LG, KFC, Coca -Cola, Philips, Siemens, McKinsey, TCL, Haier, etc. have all held the meeting in Hainan. Hainan is not only an ideal four seasons garden in China, but also the first choice for successful business activities.
    The business conference to our first hotel in the Yalong Bay area. The five-star Tianyu, Sheraton, Jiahao Marriott, Hilton, Mangroves and other hotels of Yalong Bay can accommodate 500-1200 people to meet; there are diverse types of restaurants, with western restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Thai cuisine, lobby bar, poolside, poolside Bar and cigar houses; each hotel can go directly to the blue sea and silver white beaches, put themselves in tropical fresh air.
    ★ The lush garden lawn is an ideal place to host a dinner and party;
    ★ Beach: can be beacon sports such as beach volleyball, expansion activities, team training, and climbing obstacles. ★ Beach: It can be used for diving, surfing, water skiing, navigation, hobby
    cats, canoe, deep sea fishing, banana boats and other campaigns.
    ★ Butterfly Valley: viewing, climbing, climbing.
    ★ Two golf courses: golf.
    ★ Other sports venues include jogging and bicycle lanes, light tennis courts, etc. At the same time, hotels are equipped with unique spa, gym, lighting tennis courts, and video game room
    are a good way for leisure.
    and Yalong Bay Hotel is convenient. The hotel is 30 minutes away from the Sanya Phoenix Airport. The hotels also provide the store guests to provide free
    -toll bus every 30 minutes.
    Along Bay's natural beauty, pleasant climate, and Hawaiian vacation style, are the only most beautiful tropical seaside in China, and local five-star hotel standards
    In between, its cost performance is unparalleled by other cities in China.

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