5 thoughts on “What is more attractive as a prize for activities?”

  1. 1. Generally speaking, the more valuable things are, the more attractive it is. If you are a young man, you can prepare some mobile power, mouse pads, mobile phone selfie artifacts and other technology peripheral products. If it is an aunt type, you can generally prepare some home supplies such as shredders, apron, rice spoons, etc. Online activities, the types of prizes are nothing more than these: coupons, physical, WeChat red envelopes, traffic packages, membership cards, phone bills, etc.
    . How should I choose event prizes to organize activities? There are two main points:
    The attraction
    The enterprise organizational activities must provide attractive event prizes. First of all, it is necessary to analyze what kind of groups are participating in the event. What kind of activity prizes do such groups generally like, how much the number of events are provided to provide event prizes, and so on. The recharge card is not the same. Whether you are a fan or not, you have to recharge the call, so the group fans participating in the event are not the main group. Do not choose a unilateral attractive event prize. Only by completing these analysis surveys can we have strong communication, attract more people to participate in the activities, and there are more people participating in the event. Whether it is the brand’s brand, the service and products of the enterprise It has reached.
    For enterprises, of course, the more people participating in the event, the better. In addition to the company's own publicity, the practicality of the selection of activities is also important. The presented prizes are widely flexible. Most groups can be used. This will attract more people to participate in activities, such as gift cards and shopping cards as event prizes. Such events are very practical. You can buy anything.

  2. The gift of the activity should be more attractive based on the principle of high value and low cost. You can send a water purifier, air purifier or the like. One, a star endorsement, on TV, you need to add me Wei Wei ❤️: ZKSM6868

  3. If you want to make the activity, you must think from the perspective of consumer customers.

    In what consumers like, and they like to take advantage, then as long as your gifts are highly valuable, customers are satisfied, and they feel that they are cheap. The larger, the bigger, whether it is attractive to enter the store, or the increase in transactions, it will play a great role.
    For example, the discount box film and television promotion card, including 100 yuan call fee, can also be watched free of charge on the Internet, there is a gift fee for logging in, you can experience it for free, you may try it, you can let them help you do activities again Planning

  4. Film and Television Member Card also supports 12 VIP payment videos such as Youku iQiyi Mango, Youku Iqiyi Mango, one year
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