radiant wholesale handmade jewelry Is the Yatai Fang Coin Stock Exchange listed?

radiant wholesale handmade jewelry

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  1. silver sterling jewelry wholesale No, the Asian Pacific coin is a shell company.
    The investment project of the "Xigang Special Economic Zone" in Cambodia, the "digital currency" of Yatai Fang, seduced others to join the MLM organization. In just 6 months, 108 layers of offline levels were developed, and 670,000 registered registered membership accounts were developed, with an amount of 814 million yuan involved ?? 16 defendants such as Shi Mou and Mingmou were sentenced to sentences ranging from six years, ten months to two years, and fined fines. The stolen goods, stolen money and interest rates, and criminal tools were confiscated in accordance with the law.
    In the name of a fictional "Yatai Fang Coin" project, through the previously registered Xingchangyuan Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., put on a legal coat for it, and then covered "military -civilian integration", "Cambodia ' The aura of the Xigang Special Economic Zone '"and" related authoritative units ", in order to hold promotion meetings, training meetings, online publicity and other methods to promote its legitimacy and good prospects, to attract members to buy" high returns, high returns "benefits, Yataifang Coin.
    The platform does not have any physical industries, relying on the continuous development of members to collect member funds to maintain operation. As of June 2018, the platform had absorbed 180,000 members, as many as 108 membership levels, 410,000 registered accounts, and the cumulative amount involved was as high as 632 million yuan.

  2. wholesale kraft cotton filled gift boxes jewelry cardboard box You can't find the relevant information for the time being, don't trust the advertisement of this virtual currency dealer.
    If it is listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, you can find relevant information on the Beijing Stock Exchange (National Securities Trading Place) website.

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