Is there any bad place in Xi’an?

Is there any bad place in Xi’an?

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  1. Xi’an is not good. The reason is as follows:

    1 There is a college that can’t walk many meters, so that people who have no culture are inferior;
    The 2 cities are too large, a one from the north to the south of the city, a one from the north to the south of the city. Friends’ house played, I took a car for more than two hours;
    3 Di, bar, DJ, dance dance quality is also very expensive, but the drinks are too expensive and can not afford it;
    4 snacks are too much. It ’s so delicious, I often let me forget the dinner, and the result is malnourished;
    5 people are too upright, only to tell the truth, always rectifying me very helpless; 6 6 old town are too old, high -tech zone is too old, high -tech zone is too old, high -tech zone is too old, high -tech zone is too old, high -tech zone is too old, and high -tech zones are too old, high -tech zones are too old, high -tech zones are too old, and high -tech zones are too old, high -tech zones are too old, and high -tech zones are too old. Too new, always let me have the illusion of two cities;
    7 beautiful women, I see those female stars feel too ordinary, even doubt those directors’ eyes
    8 played things played things Too much, I have to consider going there for half a day every time, headache
    9 cities are too beautiful. I used to hear how beautiful foreign countries. The city leader is too stupid to promote. If cities such as Xi’an are in the east, there will be nothing to open up in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Xi’an High -tech Industrial Technology Development Zone is one of the only three national high -tech opening areas in the country (Beijing Zhongguancun, Suzhou High -tech Park, Xi’an High -tech Industrial Development Zone)

    There is no way to compare any city. (History of more than 5000 years-Yellow Emperor)

    The military industry enterprise in Xi’an, the number of scientific research institutes ranks 3rd in the country, second only to Beijing and Shanghai.

    The part of the 80 % of the Shenzhou spacecraft is the

    The weapon for the half of the National Day parade is

    The measurement and control center in Xi’an

    The only aircraft test flight research institute in the country is at Xi’an

    . There are more than 120 emperor tombs around Xi’an around

    Asia’s largest music in Asia, Asia’s largest music Fountain-Da Yan Pagoda North Square

    The largest marine park in the west-Xi’an Ocean World-Oceani Museum
    n The largest wild zoo in the west “Xi’an Qinling Wild Zoo”
    n n n n n n n
    Xi’an has the most complete and largest city walls in the world

    The public universities in Xi’an and 29 private universities. There are more than 1.2 million college students in the university. Institute of Technology, one of the six key teachers directly under the Ministry of Education “Shaanxi Normal University”, Northwest Agricultural Forestry University of Science and Technology, etc. (Among them, 6 projects in 211 projects, 3 projects in 985 projects)

    Shaanxi There are 43 academicians in the province, of which 42 are in Xi’an, and the number ranks 4th in the country. The Fourth Military Medical University, the Second Artillery University, the University of Air Force Engineering, the Armed Police Command School, the Armed Police School, Xi’an Army Institute, Xi’an School of Political Sciences, the Armed Police University University Great Miracle “Terracotta Warriors”! Intersection Intersection
    Huang Emperor, Qin Shihuang, Liu Bang, Xiang Yu, Emperor Han Wu, Wei Qing, Huo Qubing, Zhang Jian, Sima Qian, Ban Chao, Tang Taizong, Wang Zhaojun, Wu Zetian, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Sun Siyi, etc. Witness is also a testimony of Chinese civilization! Intersection Intersection Intersection

    The Xi’an that shocked the world! Intersection

    The defeat of Xi’an with one vote before liberation, and Beijing has not become the capital of China! Intersection

    The military situation: The only two groups in the Lanzhou Military Region: the 47th Army, the 21st Army, all stationed in Xi’an! Intersection

    The number of tallest buildings in the Northwest, the “Northwest Information Building” in the 6th high -rise building in the country

    Is in Xi’an with 7 5 -star hotels and 34 4 -star hotels

    The third largest travel agency in Xi’an, Xi’an China International Travel Agency

    The National Defense Army Working Factory, including 4 missiles, 2 shells, 8 weapons, and 8 1 military heavy truck

    . Xi’an has the only rocket engine production base 067 base in Xi’an

    504 institutes in Xi’an with the only research satellite navigation research institute in the country
    n n n n n n n n n n n n n R N “The 618”

    of the 618 of the nation’s only aviation navigation control system in the country and more than 40 institutions of various types of research institutes

    3 in Xi’an. (1 Guangzhou, 1 in Shenyang)

    The only the only two most dynamic six cities in China
    one of the six most dynamic cities in China
    One of them (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Chengdu)
    One of the 12 cities that attract talents in the country: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Tianjin, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Chengdu, Jinan, Harbin
    The integrated technology strength is third
    If number of colleges and universities (there are 44 universities in Xi’an, 800,000 students, and 5 of them have reached 130,000) research institutes (Beijing, Shanghai, Shanghai, Shanghai , Xi’an. More than 500 scientific research institutions, 34 million scientific and technological talents have made their military engineering and technological strength ranked second in the country in the country. There are more than 2,000 scientific research units in the province. The 17 majors are the only in the country. Leading. There are 10 national key experimental fields, majors in national departments, 63 special laboratories, 49 provincial key laboratories, 851,000 professional and technical personnel, 46 academicians:),
    Talent density ranks first in the provincial capital cities, and the country ranks first and second in the number of Beijing. Wuhan and Xi’an in Wuhan and Xi’an.
    The high -tech industrial development zone is the third nationwide, staying in the world’s top 500 210 famous companies
    Xi’an’s fixed asset investment volume in the first four months of 2004 ranked among the top ten in the country, with an increase of 80.4%, high residence, high residence The top of the national cities
    The number of computer cities ranks among the top and Steg is the top ten in the country and the development of the software industry. nThe fourth largest modern art city in China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi’an),
    The number of bookstores is the forefront and the largest book city in the west-Xi’an Book Building
    Terminal natural gas car lines; domestic vaporization in Beijing alone
    one of the four major airports in the country, Xi’an’s airport passenger volume ranked 6th in the country, the number of transportation growth rate in the country last year, the number one in the country On the basis of the first quarter of 2004, it maintained a high-speed growth of 60%, and it was the first

    2 The most central city in China —- Xi’an
    of the six major railway hubs One
    Telectronic engineering city-international electrician member units, the largest high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage cross-flow transmission transmission equipment and communication cables, micro-division motors, electric electronic devices and other scientific research, development, production, trade, and finance as one One of the electrical groups
    high voltage, ultra -high voltage traffic transformer accounts for 70%of the domestic market share and is exported to Europe and the United States. At the same time R N Most of the air -conditioning compressors of major air -conditioning manufacturers nationwide are manufactured by Xi’an Dongfang Electromechanical Group
    . Xi’an has the core technology of the current CDMA. Most of the CDMA on the Chinese market uses the chip of Xi’an Datang Telecom’s chip
    The only 4 manufacturers of lithium battery raw materials in China, and one of the largest, the highest yields in Xi’an, China
    Ilin -in Lingtong was listed in Xi’an in 1997, and core technology has always been here (Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka Dakang Xi’an R

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