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  1. Leyi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company registered and established in Shanghai in 2007-12-10 (wholly-owned by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal person). The registered address is located at Room 209, Building 1, No. 600, Beibaoxing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai.
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Leyi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is that Wang Chundong, a corporate legal person, is currently in a state of opening.
    The business scope of Leyi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is: clothing and clothing, jewelry (except hair diamond, naked diamond), luggage, umbrella, clocks, kitchen and bathroom supplies, pet supplies, crafts (except cultural relics), except cultural relics) Retails, wholesale, commission agents (except auction), import and export of stationery gifts are provided, providing related supporting businesses, trade information consulting, and marketing planning consulting. (Products involving quota license management and special regulations shall be handled in accordance with relevant state regulations). [The projects that must be approved according to law can be carried out after approval by relevant departments. In Shanghai, the total registered capital of the company with similar operating scope is 807.121 million yuan, and the main capital is concentrated in more than 50 million and 10,000-50 million aggregates, a total of 266. Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is average.
    In Baidu Enterprise Credit View Leyi (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. More information and information.

  2. Introduction: Registration number: **** Location: Shanghai Registration Capital: 200,000 US dollars Legal Representative: Wang Chundong Enterprise Type: Limited Liability Company (Treasure of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Legal) Registration State: Disposal Registration Organ: Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau Registration Address: Shanghai Building 120, Building, No. 709 Lingshi Road, Zhabei District
    Legal representative: Wang Chundong
    Established time: 2007-12-10
    Registered capital: 200,000 US dollars
    If industrial and commercial registration number number :
    Enterprise type: Limited liability company (wholly -owned by Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau)
    Company Address: Room 209, Building, No. 600, Beibaoxing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

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