What cargo can a skeleton semi truck carry? What is the length limit of the skeleton semi trailer?

Skeleton semi-trailer is a semi-trailer whose frame is welded by the longitudinal beam, beam and front and rear end beams. It is similar to the flat semi-trailer in appearance, but the steel plate is replaced by the frame. From the top of the body, the bottom of the semi-trailer is bare, so the goods transported are typically special.

In general, skeleton semi-trailers can be used to transport containers, such as in ships, ports, routes, highways, transfer stations, bridges, tunnels and other logistics systems, can also be used to transport dangerous goods tanks. For skeleton semi-trailer, no matter container or dangerous goods tank box, all belong to the category of goods, only the vehicle skeleton belongs to the body structure.

According to GB1589, the length limit of the skeleton semi-trailer is 13.95 meters, while the length limit of the van semi-trailer is 13.75 meters. The reason for this difference is that the maximum standard container of Custom semi trailer manufacturers in the current market is 45 feet, or 13.715 meters. In order to facilitate the transportation of these containers, the length limit of skeleton semi trailer is relaxed accordingly.

Compared with the general semi-trailer, the skeleton semi-trailer is lighter in weight, which can transport additional goods under the regulations and standards. At the same time, it can save fuel and reduce vehicle costs, which can improve transportation efficiency to a certain extent. Moreover, it is 20cm further than the van semi-trailer under the regulations, which increases the volume of a certain container. This lets numerous express enterprises begin to choose to use skeleton cars instead of the original van.

6ece4a43443dede0f5d3d16e91ea65ffHowever, the green light has also become a breeding ground for violations to some extent. Especially in the case of lax road law enforcement, the front and back of the container loaded by these skeleton trucks will appear outside the scope of the skeleton phenomenon, to transport safety brought a great impact.

In addition, the skeleton semi-trailer year careful when normally only need to test the frame, also made it to the vehicle to modified object, such as regulations mandatory installation disk brake with air suspension CangShan or lorries, in order to avoid the installation of costly cost, choose to buy the skeleton, then on its basis to add CangShan or column board, as a warehouse fence a scooter use at ordinary times, Annual review of the time to remove, only the skeleton sent for review. This operation may seem to save installation costs, but if the relevant authorities find out, there will be fines or demerit points, and the safety performance of the modified models is considerably worse than the compliant models, and the loss will not be worth the trouble.

In addition, the skeleton semi-trailer, although its structure seems relatively simple, but because of the particularity of its transportation of goods, the intensity of the vehicle is relatively elevated. If it is used for the transport of dangerous goods tanks, the requirements for vehicle stability will be higher. Therefore, for the skeleton semi-trailer axle and suspension, we also need to thoroughly consider the purchase of various factors.

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