4 thoughts on “The lonely old farmers were looking for clothes, and unexpectedly found that the ancestors left 5 million. What happened later?”

  1. China is a country that pays great attention to inheritance. Many people will leave the most meaningful things at home to future generations to inherit. Once, when a lonely old farmer was looking for clothes, he discovered a heirs left by his ancestors. So what is this treasure?
    The old man has no relatives, his life has always been very bitter, he is sick in his later years, and he has no money to heal. When he sees that life is almost unable to go, he accidentally discovered the ancestors' 5 million.
    The old man's surname Liu has always lived in the ancestral house. The Liu family also lived here for several generations. The ancestral house was not small, but as the Liu family gradually declined, there was only one old man.
    Is when Lao Liu went to his father's room to organize his clothes, but he accidentally found a wooden box. This box looks long. Lao Liu opened the box and looked at it, and there were five million silver tickets inside. These money cannot be spent now, but they are precious cultural relics in themselves, which are very valuable.
    It's words on these silver tickets can be seen that these are silver tickets in the Qing Dynasty. It has been two or three hundred years, and it can be preserved so complete and valuable. Lao Liu said that he has been living alone for so many years, and his basic life has become a problem. He has been saved. He can use these to change money to treat the disease, and he can also ask a nanny to take care of himself. In fact, Lao Liu heard that his ancestors had said that there was a silver ticket at home, but he had not found it, and gradually forgot about it.
    laver Liu's ancestors can also be regarded as foresight, inheriting such valuable things to modern times, and their children and grandchildren benefit, and the value of silver tickets is definitely much higher than before. Lao Liu also believes that these silver tickets will be appreciated in the future, and he intends to keep them properly.
    The history of silver tickets in my country can be traced back to the Song Dynasty, because it is easy to carry, and later became the main way to circulate currency. In the early Qing Dynasty, silver tickets were not printed, but later financial difficulties were re -made. However, it is more difficult than the preservation of silver tickets than gold and silver jewelry, and the silver ticket of Lao Liu Zu can save hundreds of years, which is a miracle.

  2. The old farmers accidentally discovered the five million the ancestors, but there was no news later, because there was a little news mentioned that it rarely appeared under the media lens, and there was no gaze in the public, and there was no gossip disclosure, so there was no news.

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