wholesale jewelry shows in florida Ask the name of a brand of a brand of iris (Nicholas Tse)?

wholesale jewelry shows in florida

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  1. poland jewelry wholesale Chrome Hearts I bought a piece from the Internet last year. The Iris flowers

    chrome hearts is one of the world's most well -known silver jewelry brands. The founder Richard Stark was originally made of movie props and leather accessories in Hollywood. In a chance to help the rock superstar CHER design exclusive leather pants, not only did their reputation since then, but also caused countless celebrities' orders. Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark formally established the Chrome Hearts brand in 1989, sold in L.A. Store cabinets in 1989, and opened specialty stores in New York in 1995. The global stores are currently located in the United States, Japan, France, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
    Imming this section of the design style is unique
    The design style combined with low -key luxury style such as rock and hip -hop on the street, which adheres to the pure handmade and exquisite design, so it is far from the value of artworks. More than the meaning of jewelry. Products extended leather furniture, 22K gold, platinum, jewelry inlaid, children's clothing, leather bags, stationery, etc. from the early silver jewelry and leather items, and also provided services for customers to customize products. At present, celebrities who love Chrome Hearts include Chanel chief designer Karl Lagerfeld, Smith spacecraft Steven Tyler, "VOGUE" French editor -in -chief Carine Roitfeld, and German famous modeling songs. Claudia Schiffer, Japanese artist Kimura Takuya, Tonamoto, Kameni, and Chinese superstar Jackie Chan, Mei Yanfang, Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong, Taiwanese idol Wu Jianhao, Guan Ying, Huang Zhiwei and others.
    In the original American founding store style of this paragraph
    We you can feel the original American founding store style when you walk into any shop in the world, wooden floor, leather sofa, ebony chair, ebon Black crystal chandeliers designed by Philippe Stark. Chrome Hearts Silver is a US silverware brand, world -renowned, Japan, many stars in Hong Kong's most loved accessories, Chrome Hearts has the religious spirit of medieval art. Unique and charming richness. It is also a silver jewelry full of rock style. Its strong original design has always been steady according to the silver trim brand. And popular in Hong Kong. Its products are all-encompassing, except for silver jewelry, clothes, silver buttons, leather jackets, hats, leather bags, T-shirts, sunglasses, 925 sterling silver pens, and even mineral water have the shadow of Chrome Hearts, The emperor is indeed the emperor. It is also the only silver jewelry brand that enters the luxury industry

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