jewelry clips wholesale CCB Dragon Card Credit Card balance is negative, what's going on

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  1. silver jewelry wire wholesale Your credit card limit was originally 1,000 yuan, but the current available amount is only 866 yuan. It stands to reason that you should have an overdraft of 134 yuan, but the balance is negative, indicating that the deposit is 473.19 yuan on the card. Why is there an excess deposit, but the amount is insufficient? There are many reasons for
    . For example:
    1. The consumption in the credit card has not been included in the current balance, but it has occupied the amount. (Consumption will take 1 day)
    2. There is a installment business in the credit card, occupying the credit card amount, but the monthly staging of the bill is repaid, and it is not displayed in the "current balance".
    3. There are pre -authorization in the credit card, freezing quota, but not included in the current balance.
    4. There are multiple credit cards in the name. The consumption of other cards will also occupy the amount of this credit card, but it does not count the current balance of this credit card.

    . As long as your consumption is not included, that is, it is not included in the "balance", you don't need to repay. You need to repay until the balance is included, so your credit card is currently not required for the time being. Pay back, follow the monthly bill of monthly credit card.

  2. la vie jewelry wholesale This is the money you pay back, you can take it out. No interest.
    It hope to help you, you can ask if you do n’t understand. If you solve the problem, please click the “Selection as a satisfactory answer” below, thank you.

  3. wholesale jewelry for public You do n’t need to repay, the balance of the balance indicates that your card has 50.10 yuan. The balance on the credit card is the opposite of the balance on the general passbook. There is no negative sign before the balance. Some banks have a negative sign in front of them that there are still arrears. From the bills above you, you can know that you have paid off and there are remaining.

  4. wholesale fashion jewelry dallas tx The negative number indicates that your own excess deposits do not need to pay back. From your available amount, you are still overdrawn at present, but the money is not included!

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