How much is the classic six claws of Tiffany

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  • The Tiffany Setting series 6 claws 0.5 -point diamond ring Hong Kong counter 28,000 Hong Kong dollars (RMB, OK by 0.78). Depending on the diamond formation and specific diamond size, the price will be different but not less than 28,000 Hong Kong dollars. 1 carat's Tiffany Setting series 6 -claw diamond ring Hong Kong counter 79,300 Hong Kong dollars, the Setting series diamond ring is the minimum of 0.25 carats, and 13,000 Hong Kong dollars start.
    The is super cheap to buy things in Hong Kong, and 100 Hong Kong dollars are about 78 yuan (probably the exchange rate at the end of January)

  • As China joined the WTO, the Chinese diamond market was also officially opened to the public in 2006. Many European, American, Japan and South Korea, including the jewelry brands in Hong Kong, have also appeared in the Chinese market. Now the rise of the Internet. Buying jewelry online has also become a major trend. Like the current diamond bird, Darry Ring, etc., especially Darry Ring, it has developed rapidly in the past two years. It emphasizes that each man can only customize one in his life with his ID card and give it to your favorite person. True love ", loved by young people now, is also the most popular among the top ten brands of Chinese jewelry.

  • In the West, the big diamond diamond ring of the score is the engagement ring, which is for proposal. Tiffany's most classic, also the most recommended you to buy is Tiffany Setting, six -claw diamond ring. It was invented by Tiffany in 1886 and is absolutely classic. Another point is that he is the most abundant price in all Tiffany's diamond ring, from more than 10,000 to millions. The wedding ring is all in the form of the ring, and the pursuit is the same. The style is simple, suitable for daily wear. Tiffany has two best -selling models. One is the Lucida ring. There are two options: K gold and platinum. The style is the simplest. Without any pattern style, it reflects this famous saying, which is simple. There is the kind of coin lace, which is also very classic. What to choose to see yourself. But as long as you buy, there will be countless blue boxes and white ribbons that girls dream. That is the cheats that must be killed in proposal.
    It hope to be adopted

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