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  1. Speaking of Yunbei jewelry, I have the right to speak, and today I will also gossip. I have been buying in Yunbei for almost a year. The products are good and unique, and the market is still recognized. The only shortcoming is that Yunbei jewelry sometimes occasionally out of stock, and it is not possible to ship the same day. Generally, Yunbei will only be shipped the next day. If the building is mainly selling Yunbei jewelry in the market, do not sell the whole store, Yunbei jewelry can only be inserted in the store, and guests will feel more personalized. You can try to set a little bit at Yunbei jewelry first, personal suggestion.

  2. Poor quality and oolong. I dare to dare to get whatever the poor goods.在你的预存款账户里,他们坚决不会给你寄回的,是要你再次提交订单,这样他们可以收多一次运费,注意了,从你上次订单到此次的下订单有时价格是Will it rise, no matter how much, do we pay for us? Do you need to be so troublesome if you do n’t have a problem? In other words, they have to pay at least dozens of dollars in quality problems (the price increase part of the same product when the return fee and the order again when they place the order), they also always mention it to you, compensation for you (5 yuan), and also Is their 5 yuan worth of money? Is it universal? Really disgusting! It is recommended not to use it. After -sales service attitude is quite bad! I have suffered too much. Please recognize the website:/index. They also said that they had lawyers, all deceived, and lawyers? Which lawyer will tell you that you do n’t understand the Fa, you have to bear the fault, at least the freight is not a matter of tens of yuan shipping, at least you can see a attitude that you are wrong! Isn't it? Brothers and sisters? I have been on the second time, all of which are like this. I will be exempted in the future. I will tell everyone with my own experience that it will be a matter of trouble. Money is a trivial matter, uncomfortable! I wanted to attach QQ chat records, but unfortunately did not support it.

  3. I feel good at Yunbei jewelry. I have been in Yunbei Jewelry.com last month. How do I say? Yunbei's things are generally satisfactory. Objectively speaking It is better, but the quality and service of Yunbei jewelry are really good. I am also thinking about whether you want to join the sales of Yunbei jewelry. I also want to open a shop on Taobao, but there is no experience. I order in Yunbei at that time. Because I was wrong, I paid 100 yuan. Later, the customer service of Yunbei jewelry also returned the model the next day. Generally speaking, I still feel good in Yunbei jewelry.

  4. I have cooperated with Yun Bei for two years, and I was surprised to see these things today. In my impression, Yunbei has always been very good. Occasionally, there are things with quality problems. They are also shipping. I can change it back. It is not as harsh as the above "enthusiastic netizens say". I used to cooperate with several websites at the same time, and only Yunbei has continued until now. I just watched a few of them about them, and those who did not answer well were copying so many. I really do n’t know what the purpose is.

  5. Yunbei jewelry is really garbage. I charged 500 and entered a batch of goods. I couldn't sell it. I was disgusted. The photos were really beautiful, the quality was really poor, and the price was much higher than the peers. Buy lessons. I am not a peer, there is no need to attack. be honest

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