Friends are going to celebrate their birthdays recently. Do you recommend Taobao gift shops?

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  • Are you worried about sending girlfriends or gifts for boyfriends? Then you are right! The days are always in a hurry, and the calendar found that Christmas is coming, and the New Year is not far away. You can see it on the right of the Spring Festival ... Every time you come to the festival, you can't avoid preparing a gift. It is the most headache. Give a boyfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend ... How can you make your gifts particularly more special, romantic, practical, and surprised ... Okay, "Choose gifts difficult households" We congratulate you to see this guide prepared by Meng pig for you. I recommend a group of super -creative gift shops on Taobao. Most of these shops are more professional. Those gifts bought. They are particularly new and new. Many of them are left -up. I have bought it myself without stepping on the mine. You can rest assured that you place an order. It is very delicate and beautiful, creative and creative small gifts. It is appropriate to send girlfriends and objects. They will like them!
    1. Heixiu's particularly warm grocery store, there are many original hand -made gifts, you can also DIY out by yourself, easy to learn, some of them are difficult to get started, the finished product effect is good, suitable for novice materials. The small gift made by myself to the other person must make the other party feel full of heart, it must be a great move. And these things in his family are also very friendly to novice Xiaobai, the finished product is super delicate!
    2. The beautiful thing is really wonderful, the owner is really attentive! East -west value is super high, the gift box is really beautiful, I am creative. The book is particularly good -looking, and it also uses a lot of small ingenuity. Forced the movie to confess the handbook, this is too romantic. You can read the movie lines by yourself. You can hear your confession when you receive the TA scanning QR code when you receive the gift. Do you say that scene is not romantic?
    3. X1 A creative gift shop, customized the moon that was born on the day of birth is still very interesting, and the digital oil painting of the little prince needs to be DIY by yourself. Essence
    4. Hello, the creative product of the national treasure of the historical flagship store, each series is very ingenious and creative, especially the Datang lady yoga hand -made, especially cute and cute, each one wants to stock up, cannot break, cannot break Give away.
    5. The Cultural and Creative of the Forbidden City of the Forbidden City of the Forbidden City does not need me to say more. It is a shop that I like very much. It can no longer be described as exquisite. I bought a lot of gifts in his house, and I feel really suitable for giving away, so I must recommend it to you again! The quality is very good, the creativity is full, and the face value is super high. It can only be said that it is exquisite. Sisters who like cultural and creative products really don't miss it. It can be a good heart for everyone to be a small master.
    6. Meishang Festival recommends this high -value gift box, which is too beautiful and too needed! In fact, I rarely buy the whole kind of Christmas gift. I like to buy small things, such as small biscuits, candy, Christmas socks, ornaments, and then put these small things into a big gift box together, pave the shop, shop, and shop, shop The full Lafite grass looks more Christmas.
    7. Smelling Library This is a gift shop that is particularly suitable for girlfriends, or boys to send girls will also win joy. Her perfume has a special taste, such as big white rabbits, small flowers, ginger cola, and cool white blooming on the entire network. They are all clean or cute, which girl does not love!
    8. A Taobao gift shop that feels super creative, many of them are packed with gift boxes, making you more assured and sending people more worry -free. Each represents the views of life. The expectations of the future, and the small details can improve the quality of life.

  • Taobao Gift Stores recommend these, 1 Mu Family Furnishing Store, 2 National Museum of China, 3 All -Kitchen Flagship Stores, 4 Ideal Flagship Stores, 5VANA Flagship Store, 6 Qinfu Hyun flagship store

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