bia accessories silver and semi jewelry wholesale How to synthesize FIFAONLINE3?

bia accessories silver and semi jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale gold crystal jewelry 1. Click the "Club Management" button at the bottom of the game to enter the club management interface:
    2. Click the "Player Management" button on the upper end of the club management interface to enter the player management interface, click "Player Fragments" to enter the interface.
    3. In the player's fragments, you can see the number of players who existing players, and the synthetic players. At present, only legendary player fragments are opened. You can sign the legendary player fragments and contract books through the world's road mode or participate in related activities to sign the legendary players. After meeting the fragments of synthesis prompts on the right side of the interface, click the signing button to sign a new player through the synthesis of player fragments.
    "EA SPORTS ™ FIFA Online 3" (Chinese name: Art Electric Sports World Football Online 3) is a large multiplayer online game with the theme of football. 》 The online version of the series. This game was developed by Yigen (EA) Canada Branch, using FIFA11 game engine, and was released from Yicheng (EA) South Korea to Asia. The national service FIFA Online 3 is a free online game represented by Tencent Games, but it also sells virtual virtuality through sale Currency profit by buying items in the game.
    "FIFA Online 3" is the third -generation online version of the EA classic stand -alone game "FIFA" game series. This game series has the official authorization of FIFA International Footlord Organization. Issuing, the national service was also released on July 24, 2013. Based on the next -generation technology of the FIFA series, the game will reflect the 15,000 players of more than 30 league teams around the world and more than 40 national teams.

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