atlanta wholesale jewelry What is the specialty of Mianyang or what can be given a gift?

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  1. classy wholesale jewelry Ginseng fruit

    RMB ginseng fruit: Legend is the patent of the fairy. Today I went to your table. The Wolongshan brand ginseng produced on Wolong Mountain, Xin'an Town, which is far from the city in Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, China is loved by urban people. This is because there is no environmental pollution, but also strictly conducts production operations in accordance with green organic food during the planting process. It is a veritable pure natural organic food.

    The ginseng fruit looks like a human heart, pale yellow, purple stripes, yellowish flesh, has unique aroma smells, sweet and not core, unique flavor, unique flavor, rich nutrition, can be rich in nutrition, can The food rate accounts for more than 95%. According to the analysis of the Institute of Animal Husbandry of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences, ginseng fruit is rich in low sugar, low fat | high protein, high protein, and sixteen amino acids, but also rich vitamin C and a variety of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc, cobalt, selenium and molybdenum. Modern scientific research shows that selenium is one of the essential nutrients for maintaining normal life activity of the body. It can activate human cells, enhance vitality, and has the effects of preventing cancer and inhibitory cardiovascular disease. my country is one of the 57 poor selenium countries in the world. my country Nutrition Society lists selenium as one of 15 kinds of nutrients that must be supplemented by 15 daily diets. Both blood pressure and diabetes are helpful, and the molybdenum content of ginseng fruit is not low. Ginseng fruit contains calcium higher than all fruits and vegetables. Each 100 grams of fresh fruits contain 915 mg of calcium, which is 114 times the tomato and 36 cucumber. 4 times. Known as "Life Fire", "Anti -Cancer", "Calcium Nourishing Star". Long -term edible ginseng fruit can enhance physical fitness and improve disease resistance, especially for patients with diabetes and hypertension. This health function of people has reported many reports in CCTV first, second, three sets, "People's Daily", "China Science and Technology", "Farmers Daily" and other media. The news of the ginseng fruit at the meeting was over 100 yuan/kg. Ginseng fruit was native to South America and introduced Chinese trials in 1993.

    The silkworm cocoon

    Zitong produced 30,000 yuan in dry cocoons annually, with 250 tons of silk per year, 3A80 in white factory silk, 100%of the dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -dual -handed rate, products are exported Europe, India, Japan, South Korea and other countries. 5. Sea pepper: 1,500 tons of fresh pepper per year, and 200 tons of dried pepper exported to South Korea and Japan. 6. Traditional Chinese medicinal materials: The annual output of the bellflower is 7,500 tons, and the products are exported to Japan, South Korea and the country; the annual output of the ginger is 1,000 tons, and the production of 150 tons of saponin is produced.

    Itchuan Sanna

    Itchuan Silklike Salmon produced earlier. In the second year of Xuantong, the "Sichuan Pedsembly Road" statistics, Beichuan has 880 acres of mulberry land. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Beichuan silk mulberry had a large development. By 2000, the county had a total of 30 million mulberry trees, and the cocoon yield was 348 tons. The domestic climate is suitable, the amount of rainfall is abundant, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the quality of mulberry leaves is good, the quality of cocoons is high, and the weight of a single grain is 2.1-2.45 grams. According to international standards: the cocoon layer rate is more than 47%, the cocoon wire is more than 1100 meters long, the solution is solved. The relaxation rate is more than 70%, and the fibrousness is 2.56D (Prameth). According to the measurement in 1982, the length of each cocoon was 1154.6-1337.1 meters, which was 2983.6-546.4 meters long than the cocoon wire (608.2-1043.5 meters) in the province. It was compiled by the State Council as the exemption of exports on the 8th. Since 1984, it was sold to Japan as an export product. In 1985, it was listed as the county's exported cocoon base county.

    silver ear

    is also known as white fungus, which is a genus of Tremella and Tremella. It is not only a edible bacteria with high economic value, but also a nine -dimensional medicine. Medical doctors have believed that it has the effects of "nourishing kidney, moisturizing the lungs, reinforcement, and coughing." The body contains 17 amino acids and acidic alcohol. Tremella also has the functions of improving liver detoxification and human immune function, as well as cite correction, and at the same time, it also has a certain inhibitory effect on tumors.

    The fresh white fungus entities pure white, translucent, consisting of 3-10 Bolou ear pieces, like five fingers, chicken crown flowers, peony flowers, different sizes, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights, different weights Essence When dry, hard and crispy, white or beige, with a strong volume contraction, the original volume of 1/18-1/30.

  2. popular costume jewelry wholesale Zi Tong's crisp cake (12 yuan/gift box/box), sliced ​​powder (dried, soak in water at home, fried meat, very good 5 yuan/jin)

    The beef of Anxian Hua GAI
    The old bacon of Pingwu
    and rice noodles in Mianyang

  3. virgins saints and angels jewelry wholesale The total planting area of ​​crops in Mianyang City was 6620,000 hectares, an increase of 0.3%. Among them, the planting area of ​​grain was 40,02 million hectares, a decrease of 0.4%; the planting area of ​​oil crops was 167,900 hectares, an increase of 1.0%. In 2018, the total grain output of Mianyang City was 2.2965 million tons, a decrease of 0.4%, and the yield was 5739 kg/ha. Among them: Dichun's grain output was 1.8503 million tons, a decrease of 0.4%; Xiaochun's grain output was 446,200 tons, a decrease of 0.2%. The rice output was 934,300 tons, an increase of 0.4%; wheat output was 365,600 tons, a decrease of 0.5%; the output of oil crops was 436,500 tons, an increase of 1.6%; the output of vegetables and edible fungi was 1.98 million tons, an increase of 2.1%. [23] According to the survey statistics, the low -class plants known as bacteria and plants in Mianyang City, the fungal outline of the gates of the gates of the plants, the 13 meters, 60 subjects, 149, and 497 species in the subcormnicus. Moss plant doors, fern plants, naked plant doors, and quilted plant doors 4, 66, 66, 260, 1366, and 3972. According to the State Council August 4, 1999, the National Key Protection of Wild Plants (First Batch) was approved. In the city, there are 12 national -level key protection wild plants, Tongtong, and red beans. There are 38 types of national secondary key protection of wild plant water fern and Chinese fern.
    Animal resources
    In 2014, according to survey statistics, wild animal resources in Mianyang are known as 791 species of vertebrate 5 outline 32 meters and 109 subjects, and 1257 departments of 33 meters of vertebrates. Among them, there are 18 national first -level key protection of wild animals. There are 60 types of national secondary key protection of wildlife pandas. Mianyang is an important ecological barrier area in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It is one of the main areas of biodiversity protection and the main habitat of giant pandas. The protection management of giant pandas and their habitats occupy an important position in Sichuan. Pingwu County is the county with the most giant pandas, accounting for 1/5 of the country's wild pandas. The wild animals protected by the province include red foxes, leopard cats, Mao Guanlu, gully mice, ordinary 鸬鹚, medium egrets, Chinese forest frogs, etc.
    Mineral resources
    As of 2014, Mianyang found that mineral species include iron ore, manganese ore, lead zinc ore, tungsten ore, silver ore, phosphate ore, crystal, square stone, limestone, limestone, limestone, lime, and limestone, lime, and lime, and lime, and lime, and lime, and lime, and lime, and limestone, lime, There are 56 species such as white cloudstone, pussy soil, glass sandstone, and natural gas. There are more than 400 places for minerals, including 73 black metals, 25 non -ferrous metals, 70 precious metals, and more than 200 non -metal minerals. There are 26 mineral species of the proven reserves, with 74 industrial minerals. At the end of the year, 32 mineral species in the city were developed and used. Mianyang, nicknamed "China Science and Technology City", a prefecture -level city in Sichuan, is located in the northwest of the Sichuan Basin, and the middle and upper reaches of the Minjiang River. Qingchuan County, Jiange County and Nanchong City in Guangyuan City in the east, and southern counties in Nanchong City, and Xichong County; Singhong City in Suining City in the south; Luojiang District, Zhongjiang County, Mianzhu City in Deyang City in the west; Breaking borders Wenxian in Gansu Province. From 30 ° 42′ -33 ° 03 ′ north latitude, 103 ° 45′ -105 ° 43 ′ east longitude, the total area is 20248.4 square kilometers. [1]

    Since the second year of Han Gaozu (before 201), since the Western Han Dynasty has set up Jixian, Mianyang City has established a history of more than 2,200 years. The south is named "Mianyang". There were stone instruments and pottery in the Neolithic Age of 4500 years ago; it is Shi Xian Li Bai

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