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Hypnosis Transformable Chair Lounge Design by Dimitry Samal

Do you want to equip your small room with cool furniture? Here is the answer. Hypnosis chair is very modern and cool design. Hypnosis Transformable Chair designed by Dimitry Samal. Consisting of two parts, the back and leg holder. If you want to relax, you can attract the support legs are hidden under the seat. This chair can be changed with a rail partner is there. Changes that occur can be done with the help of the working mechanism of a button. For convenience, the leg holder of an ideal shape, in accordance with the form of a seat at the top. So it is in accordance with our body shape. And the most interesting is the color palette of bright and pure form that allows for rest. Minimalist shape also becomes the purpose of making this modern chair. Just as simple minimalist lounge chair by Maarten.